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You can get involved in multiple ways.  Volunteer to pray with believers inside prison.  Mentor a former inmate.  Encourage family members at Radical Time Out.  Engage your church.

So here I am at a Bible conference after my wife Margie’s death, and I’m alone in a dorm room, and I say, “Lord, it seems like Margie and I have been everywhere and done everything in ministry.  If I’m here another decade, I’m going to be 100. What am I suppose to do?”  And then I read [Matthew 25:36], “You visited me in prison.”  I had never been to prison.  It’s the greatest blessing to see how men and women cherish having someone care enough to visit them.”

—HAL SCHMIDT, volunteer since 2014

I never saw myself as a person who would share the gospel inside prisons, but now I’m “behind bars” whenever possible.  A greater understanding of God’s Word and the desire for more is real among many men, and they are eager for prayer and a connection with a brother from the outside.”

—DAVE MOZDIN, volunteer since 2010

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