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Sarah Gonzalez
at Wheaton College Chapel
Listen to Heather's Testimony
on One80 Podcast

Episode 46: Delivered from Death’s Door

Manny Mill at Wheaton College Chapel
Radical Justice and Mercy: An Old Testament Survey

Mark Macy shares how a study of Scripture impacted his view of prison ministry.  What does the Bible have to say about justice and mercy?
Click here to access Mark’s notes.

A Radical Reconciliation

Another message of hope!  Although recorded almost seven years ago, it is one of our most requested videos.

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RTO School of Prayer
This Page is Currently Under Construction

We are working on gathering Manny Mill’s devotionals, past banquet videos, and more video content from Radical Time Out™ to place here.  We also hope to have resources for those looking for housing and employment.

Thanks for your patience and be sure to check back soon!

Ministry Publications

The following titles are owned by KHM and all proceeds are used to support the ministry.

What if we prayed how Jesus taught us to? Many of us pray with little heart.  We mutter the usual and leave with little expectation.  But is this how Jesus taught us to pray?  The Lord’s Prayer is a prayer according to God’s will, a prayer that beckons heaven to crash into earth.  Tied to the sure promises of God, it compels us to seek–and expect–His glory in every sphere.  Radical Prayer gives us a glimpse of the transformative and explosive power of praying in God’s will, a power that takes place internally and manifests externally.  Whether your prayer life is strong or in shambles, Radical Prayer will compel you to a life of bold, persistent, transformative, and expectant prayer.

Radical Prayer (Moody Publishers, 2015) is available wherever books are sold.  It is also available in Spanish.  Look for Oración Radical (Editorial Patmos, 2017). 

Descending into a life of debauchery, Manny Mill found himself teetering on the edge of personal and financial disaster. In this candid and vividly personal book, Manny tells how His pursuit of pleasure led him to the depths of human despair. A declared fugitive of the law, he was running from the FBI when he ran into Christ and a life of radical redemption. Manny’s experiences will thrill you. His faith will inspire you. And his words will challenge you to think about your life, your relationship with the God of the universe, and your own need for a radical redemption.

Radical Redemption (Moody Publishers, 2012) and the Spanish version, Redención Radical (Moody Publishers, 2013) are available wherever books are sold.   


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