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There are numerous ways you can become personally involved with us, and experience a front row seat on redemption.  We have the joy of seeing God work miracles, and encourage those who need prayer, encouragement, love, and fellowship.

Visiting a Prison or Cook County Jail Ministry

Small teams of believers, pastors, and volunteers accompany Manny Mill on a range of prison visits.   They can observe, learn, share in a service, or pray with believers “inside the gate” who cherish encouragement and a prayer partner.   A prison visit might involve a team of 6-8 people, or fewer.   Depending on the correctional center, we organize a worship service, meet with small groups, or conduct one-on-one visits.

For those able to commit to a regular schedule (typically bi-monthly), check out KHM’s ministry in Cook County Jail.

For those not able to visit in person, correspondence is another way to enter the mission field of the incarcerated.

Those interested in engaging in these types of ministry should become familiar with our DO’s and DON’Ts for Prison Volunteers.  Contact our office for more information on how to get involved.

Mentoring a Believer

Whether still inside prison, or following their release, we connect men and women to spiritual or life skill mentors.  This activity might involve a periodic phone call, or time together once or twice a month.  Call the office for details.


Drop us a message or give us a call at 630-221-9930.

Serving at Radical Time Out™

If you, your church, small group, or family would like to help out, there are ways to volunteer at RTO.  These include preparing/serving a meal, set-up or clean-up, helping with AV needs, leading worship songs.  Or simply coming alongside someone in need of prayer or encouragement.  Visit us on a Thursday night to discover firsthand where you can join in.

Pastors and Worship Leaders

We are all about building bridges between the local church and incarcerated believers.   Our ministry has been the initial source of information and prison visits for numerous pastors, church leaders and believers.   In addition to prison visits, we invite area pastors and worship leaders to join us at RTO to lead worship, lead in prayer, or as a guest speaker.   An evening at RTO is an ideal way to experience the heart and impact of the ministry.

I have felt honored since being given the opportunity to lead worship at RTO.  I really just love to sing and lead others in singing songs which are worshipful to God.  During our singing time, my prayer is that I help us to express our praise, thanks, love to God and our desire to follow him.  And I also really love being part of the RTO family, the new friends I’ve made and get to serve alongside every week!”

—Craig Fong, volunteer worship leader

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