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To the Incarcerated

For three decades, we have brought the hope and security of Jesus Christ to incarcerated men and women in correctional centers and jails in Illinois and around the United States.  These programs vary with each facility.  Some are worship services for larger groups, others are small-group teaching or one-on-one prayer and encouragement.  The ministry has developed a cadre of volunteers who join Manny Mill on most visits, which occur throughout the year.

More recently, we have added Prayer Conferences for in-prison groups.  These can be adapted to multi-day programs, and focus on why we pray and how we pray.  The programs are interactive, engage in different types of prayer, and conclude with communion.

To Families

For families of the incarcerated, we offer a weekly hope-filled gathering called Radical Time Out™ (RTO).

RTO is a safe place to enjoy fellowship and worship, be encouraged and prayed with, and hear from God’s Word.  It’s a unique community where all are welcomed and loved.

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