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Sarah Gonzalez, Director of Cook County Jail Ministries & Women’s Chaplain

Sarah was in the womb the first time she accompanied her parents Andy and Marjean Gonzalez in ministry inside Cook County Jail!  She recalls her father taking her inside as a young child, having Bible studies alongside detainees.  Sadly, Andy died suddenly when Sarah was just six years old, leading her to choose a path of darkness as the way to cope with her pain.

Total rebellion could not stop God’s love from pursuing Sarah even after she spent years seeking solace through witchcraft and social justice programs designed to instill hatred toward others. God the Father wonderfully encountered Sarah and brought her to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, she coordinates KHM’s ministry within the Jail, leading volunteers in ministering to men and women detainees.  Currently, KHM has teams meeting weekly on tiers in Divisions 6 and 11 (for men) and Division 3A (for women).

Listen to Sarah’s testimony.

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