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Radical Redemption

The Real Story of Manny Mill.

Radical Redemption

The moving story of the founder and director of Koinonia House® National Ministries.

In 1990, Manny Mill started Koinonia House® , a post-prison ministry to bridge the gap from prison to the local church. Radical Redemption details the amazing journey Manny took from Cuba to running from the FBI in Venezuela to running into the arms of Jesus Christ. Radically changed by his conversion and prison experience, he received great assistance from Prison Fellowship and has used these opportunities to make an enormous impact around this nation and the world.


I recently found a copy of the book Radical Redemption in a Goodwill store in Miami. I read it in one night.
I would like to thank Mr. Mill for sharing his lilfe with the rest of us.. I too am Cuban from New Jersey and my life has similar tribulations. Through my selfishness and greed am facing financial disaster and possible jail because i used other peoples money thinking i could repay and I can't!!! Difference I am a woman.

Thank you Manny I will try to find the faith you have and do the right thing.
My regards to your wife and beautiful children

Connie Rodriguez

Bro Manny
I just finished your book Radical Redemption and wantd to let you know that I was blessed by your story, You have a wonderful testimony and I pray the Lord will continue to bless you, I don't know if you have time to read all of your e-mails but if you do, your story has helped me to a stronger faith in following God's will for my life, God has given my family a wonderful ministry in evanglism to the local church, most of the churches we go to are small country churches. It is sad to see the shape the small churches are in, the pianos are quiet and the people are longing for someone to come preach, sing and just encourage them. A lot of the places we go the pastor has to work a job due to the lack of funds in the church, yet God will allow us to go in and encourage a pastor to keep on preaching. There are times when I lead the singing, my wife plays the piano, we do the special singing and the preaching. Right now I work a job and we go as the doors are opened, however in March I will be laid off after 20 yrs of service with the company I am employed with. Your book has given me a new assurance that God may have a bigger plan for us. Thank you for writing that book.

Because Of Christ,
Steve Sexton
from Alabama

I received the 2 books "Radical Redemption" that you personalized for both Eric and myself. God is so good. When I received the books I had no idea what Eric's address was, or how to get it. I had been in touch with his sister through the phone, but she did not give me his address. About 2 hours after I received the 2 books, Eric called me. I just weeped because I knew the Lord had answered my prayer. I told Eric about the book for him, and his voice lit up like a Christmas tree. He told me he was on page 15 of the original book I gave him before he was arrested. We talked for about 45 min. on the phone, he said he is still at HCMC drug treatment program and coming home to his sister's home daily until they have his hearing or trial. He gave me his sister's address to send the book "Radical Redemption" and I sent to his sister's home yesterday, he will receive it today.

What a story, how one simple book can open the eyes of people and hurting people like Eric. I have to say, I loved the book myself that's why I kept it for over 4 years and God used it to help a hurting soul and hopefully bring him to Christ.

Thanks for everything!!!!!

The very best,

Bonita Darula



My name is Tony and I am one of the guys from Willow who hangs out with Jon Bell. I just finished your book....and it was awesome! It's a great story about a great guy! Thanks for sharing that with us!

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